Friday, 10 January 2014

Where to Store Circle Lenses/ Contact Lenses when I am not using them?


If you are a regular wearer of circle lenses and contact lenses; you might have several pairs of circle contacts piled up in your stash that are not in your current use. One must pay great concern on storing circle lenses to extend their life.

Circle lenses are available in many different types; designed specifically for special occasions & events.  It is therefore impossible to keep all pairs of circle contact lenses included in your routine-wear. For instance lenses exclusively purchased for Halloween can only be worn in thematic events that share their ideology either with Halloween or cosplay conventions. Of course; novelty contacts such as sclera circle lenses or crazy circle lenses have unusual pattern which makes them inappropriate to wear them on daily basis.

Circle lenses and contact lenses when not in use should be stored in clean, disinfected and sterilized contact lens cases. See here how to sterilize contact lens cases.  Circle lenses should always be stored in places away from moisture. Avoid keeping them in humid places such as near wash room. It is recommended that one must not deal or treat circle contacts lenses in washroom as the water droplets may get in contact with soft cosmetic lenses. This may become the reason of bacteria accumulation. Furthermore; minerals found in regular tap water may completely destroy your circle lenses though the damage is not visible to naked eye.

It is important to take proper professional care of big eye lenses and contact lenses. Colored contact lenses though differs circle lenses in few aspects; both types of soft lenses are needed to be taken care of in the same ways.Even if you are not wearing circle lenses; you must keep a check on them. Circle lenses absorb water; therefore they get dry once in 15 days even though they are completely immersed in the solution. Instead of topping off lens solution; empty the case and fill the wells with fresh solution. Replace circle lens cases every three months and reuse these old cases of contact lenses. Recycle to stay beautiful in beautiful environment!

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