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Sand, Surf & Colored Contact Lenses: Prevent your Eyes at Beach

Sand, Surf & Colored Contact Lenses: Prevent your Eyes at Beach

The most exciting part of the summer that keep each one of us enthralled is “Beach”. Though beach is all about fun, joy & boisterous entertainment; it does risk your skin and eyes. Sunblock can be slathered on skin as a protection from UV damaging rays but how to protect eyes? Remember; wearers of colored contact lenses are to observer greater risks whilst surfing at beach.

How to Prevent Eye Inflammation when Wearing Colored Contact Lenses at Beach?

According to a survey; majority of the people wearing colored contact lenses are negligent about proper care & maintenance of colored contact lenses. When you are wearing colored contact lenses; you need to be very careful about the protection of your eyes. Preventing them from water-borne & air-borne diseases should be your first priority. Since colored contact lenses are approved medical devices than cosmetic accessories; there is a strong urge felt for the protective measurements.

Be careful Before Engaging yourself at Beach-Side Sports

Sand, Surf & Colored Contact Lenses: Prevent your Eyes at Beach

Beach side sport activities such as water-skiing, diving, surfing etc. are all a part of an exuberant holiday picnic. If you wear colored contact lenses it is better to put them off before getting wild into any water-related activity. Contact with water means higher risks of contamination to eyes specially when wearing colored contact lenses. No type of water whether tap or from a natural reservoir should ever come into contact with colored contact lenses. Water contain a virus “acanthamoeba” that spreads a rare eye inflammation “Keratitis”. This vision-threatening amoeba devours the cornea & lead to permanent vision-loss.

Playing Safe with Colored Contact Lenses

Sand, Surf & Colored Contact Lenses: Prevent your Eyes at Beach

If colored contact lenses cannot be avoided due to strong prescription, doctors advise to use daily disposable colored contact lenses. Wearing goggles or wraparound sunglasses to prevent eyes from splashes is also an ingenious idea.

Wraparound sun glasses are also recommended when playing ball games. This also prevents any sand particles from getting into your eyes when wearing colored contact lenses. Such glasses also protect eyes from UV rays.

Be careful when Applying Sun Screen

Applying sunscreen is 100% recommended when at beach. Be careful & warned though. The cream must not get into eyes-because its contents can get accumulated on the surface of colored contact lenses which may result in eye inflammations, itching & irritated eyes.

Colored contact lenses ensure crisp vision & beautiful eyes. They only demand you to show some concern towards your eyes. Being beautiful is not a child’s play as some call it.

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