Friday, 12 December 2014

Natural Looking Big Eye Brown Lenses: Geo Xtra Plum Brown

To achieve eyes that look naturally big; go no more frenzy and get your eyes Geo Xtra Plum brown circle lenses. They are plum brown as obvious by the name; very warm, very simple & very natural looking. Geo Xtra Plum brown circle lenses provide 15mm enlargement that is very moderate & subtle for everyone who prefers subtle & soft eyes. 

"The lenses are actually quite comfortable to wear. After you first put them in, you can't even feel that there is anything in your eye. At the start, you are quite aware of it, but that feeling fades. As the name suggests, the lenses are plum brown, but because my eyes are a combination of deep blue, green and hazel, the colour doesn't have the same effect on me as it would on someone with brown eyes. It gives me a more really dark brown/black effect in normal light"

Click here for more Geo Xtra Plum Brown pictures

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