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4 Dry Eye Relief Tips by Dr. Stewart for Contact Lens Wearers

Dry eye syndrome affects over 25 million Americans & more than 100 million people worldwide. With the onset of winters; the syndrome begins to strengthen its roots thus instigate dryness, eye sores and grittiness, itching & burning sensation among contact lens wearers. Dr. Stewart Shofner-renowned surgeon of “Shofner Vision Centre” suggests 5 dry eye relief tips to release the discomfort that is subject to disturb twice more to wearers of contact lenses.

Dr. Kevin Johnson of Shofner Vision Center adds, "Contact lens wearers in particular are subject to dry eye symptoms because the dry air reduces the moisture in the contact lenses.

During winter the tear film that keeps eyes moist is disturbed due to cold weather & dry air. Wearing contact lenses further worsen the symptoms.

"Dry eye syndrome is much worse in the winter as people tend to stay indoors where warm dry air is prevalent," says Dr. Shofner

How to Relieve Dry Eye Symptoms in winter among Wearers of Contact Lenses?

As a wearer of contact lenses and a patient of dry eyes syndrome, be preventive about following:

  1. Stay away from direct air. Air conditioners, hair dryers, car heaters & vents should not be directed towards eyes. Do not ride a bicycle or motor bike without protective eye goggles whilst wearing contact lenses.
  2. In winter when there is an advanced use of gas/electric heaters and when the fire places are always active; use a humidifier to add moisture to dry indoor air. If dryness is not dealt like a pro; especially if you wear contact lenses you are more prone to develop eye sores, scratches & corneal abrasions
  3. Use lubricants along with prescription eye drops such as Systane and Restasis. They work with one’s own tears to re-hydrate, soothe & reduce the inflammation. They also help your eyes produce more tears to keep eyes lubricated. This increases tolerance for contact lenses & help reduce discomfort associated with contact lenses.
  4. Stay away from air pollution, BBQ smoke & cigarette smokers. Those who smoke should reduce smoking or if possible should totally stop it for a while. Smoking is dangerous in 3 ways for cigarette smokers who wear contact lenses.

Dr. Shofner says, "Patients can be treated for dry eye syndrome with quick and convenient procedure such as LipiFlow® or cauterization. Using the correct eye drops can also be helpful, and there is no reason for anyone to suffer from dry eyes”

Eating healthy-introducing fruits & green vegetables & increasing liquid diet also helps combat against dry eyes syndrome for people wearing contact lenses. 

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