Monday, 8 December 2014

How to Cut Bangs & Make Your Wigs Look Natural: Tutorials

Synthetic wigs often have bangs/ fringes that need styling. They are available for trimming as per your own facial frame. Wigs can be taken to stylist for professional services but you can always customize it yourself. Some times synthetic wigs shine ridiculously that you can tame down using baby powder or dry shampoo.

Follow pinkmutie's guide on cutting fringes of synthetic wigs and making it look natural. The wig used is Rozen Maiden Jade Stern wig. It is 90 cm long heat-resistant synthetic wig that boast sumptuous curls. The curls are full of bounce, that move graciously with even the slightest of movement & reflect light. Rozen Maiden Jade Stern wig has a beautiful color of red mixed with brown that is nearly copper. 

Purchase this wig here for only $27.90

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