Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dolly Blue Lenses for Light Eyes: Dolly Eye Cookie Blue

To sparkle light colored eyes, wear Dolly Eye Cookie blue contact lenses. They make your eyes shine & sparkle like crystals. The unusual and intricate pattern of these blue circle lenses strive to give your eyes a huge and dolly touch. The beautiful 3 tones, the dotted pattern and the presence of yellow-orange inner ring surrounding the pupil create a divine impression of beauty & splendor. 




Dolly Eye Cookie blue are bright and vivid. They show up beautifully on both light and dark eyes. They do attract people. The limbal ring contributes to creating dolly finish & pure innocence. 

"As you can see these circle lenses are really bright! The dark ring really helps with the enlargement effect. I would recommended these for cosplay or a dolly look rather than natural since they're such a bright blue, and the unique pattern obviously isn't natural looking. I picked these lenses since I thought they would make a perfect addition to my Catherine cosplay!"; as has been opined in this Dolly Eye Cookie blue review

Dolly Eye Cookie blue circle lenses are comfortable & make your eyes pop out to grab tons of applause & appreciation. 

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