Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Natural Looking Grey Lenses for Dark Eyes: I.Fairy Tofi Grey

I.Fairy Tofi grey circle lenses

Are you looking for grey circle lenses that look natural against your dark colored eyes? I.Fairy Tofi grey circle lenses give you natural looking yet dolly huge eyes. They deliver perfect ulzzang-like effects against brown eyes as they are good at blending. The grey pattern fades decently as it comes closer to your pupil making your eyes look subtle.

RWBY cosplay circle lenses
I.Fairy Tofi Grey for RWBY Cosplay

"These are obviously a lot larger than my natural eyes, and give me an anime look, but they aren't completely fake looking. I had originally got these for my Ruby (RWBY) cosplay. They are pretty perfect for the cosplay, but I love them so much I’ll be wearing them a lot more often.". Jean shares her opinion in her review of I.Fairy Tofi grey contact lenses

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