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Failing to Proper Cleanliness & Maintenance of Circle Lenses: 3 Things that went Horribly Wrong(Case Studies)

Failing to Proper Cleanliness & Maintenance of Circle Lenses: 3 Things that went Horribly Wrong(Case Studies)

All the users of circle lenses should stay vigilant about the cleanliness and maintenance of circle lenses and contact lenses. There is no doubt that contact lenses are prosthetic medical devices that ensure crisp vision and brighten up the personality by adding a color to your eyes. However; at the same time; one wrong move with contact lenses may lead to undesirable, horrendous & gross results that are often irrevocable.

1. Failing to Replace Colored Contact Lenses

All the variants of contact lenses either colored, transparent or big eye circle lenses should be timely replaced. Failing to follow which may lead to corneal abrasions or even permanent blindness. Most of the times patient stay oblivious of the damage that expired circle lenses cause to their eyes. It is therefore crucial to regularly visit your eye doctor if you frequently wear contact lenses or on daily basis.

Case Study 1:
A wise person learns from the mistakes of others.

Case Study 2:

2. Failing to Keep your Colored Contact Lenses Confined to Oneself.

Sharing colored contact lenses with your friends and siblings is not less than a crime. Sharing them may transmit bacteria from your friends’ to your eyes or vice versa. It is critical to not to let use anyone your circle lenses; no not for even an hour. If you suspect that your circle lenses might have been used by someone else in your absence, tossing them off is the best option. Otherwise, doctors recommend to take pain of thoroughly cleansing & disinfecting them.

Case Study:

Earlier in June this year; Guam conjunctivitis outbreak affected 248 people. Sharing contact lenses along with other unhygienic practices stimulated the outbreak.

3. Wearing Substandard Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are the new hype in both Eastern and Western part of the world. You are most probably to notice contact lenses in theroadside beauty salons and in your next-door novelty shop etc. Nonetheless online suppliers of contact lenses seem the most prolific & growing sector when it comes to colored contact lenses. Online suppliers of contact lenses especially from China are found to play dirty with the health of the consumers. Be very cautious with whom you are placing your order. Sub-standard or wearing over-the- counter circle lenses can damage your eyes permanently.

Buying circle lenses from authentic online stores like Uniqso lowers the risk as the experts there,  make sure the availability of branded & genuine circle lenses .

Case Study:

People sport circle contact lenses when are aiming to create an impact by enhancing their eyes. They are definitely nothing to be afraid of if you simply stay meticulous of health and hygiene. Millions of people are wearing circle contact lenses and doctors are of the view that blindness followed by improper wear of circle lenses is a rare occurrence. Flaunt your style & create an impression with colored contact lenses but first learn how to avoid risks whilst wearing contact lenses

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