Friday, 19 December 2014

Effects of Weight Loss on Contact Lens Fit

L-R Finn Wittrock, Domhnall Gleeson and Jack O'Connell in a scene from "Unbroken. (Universal Pictures.) 
Contact lenses with 38% water content and 8.6mm base curve fit most of the people unless you are diagnosed with rare diseases or eye shapes. However, one must not forget that contact lenses are not one size fit all. Certain medications & life style do leave impact on contact lens tolerance & fitting-even weight loss.

Reducing too much of your body mass in a short period of time might make your body feel starved & de-hydrated. The fresh example is actor Domhnall Gleeson; who recently has lost too much weight for Anjelina Jolie’s Movie “Unbroken” that his contact lenses no longer fit him.

The story line of the film rotates around World War II; where his plane was gunned down over the Pacific Ocean & he was left all alone at the shore until he was rescued by Japanese sailors who kept him in prison for two years with little food for his survival.

Gleeson loses so much weight that his contact lenses no longer fit

To put a life in his character; actor took the job seriously & lost so much of his weight that he dropped contact lens size. O’Connel- the co-star said in a press conference; "Domhnall lost so much weight, even his eyeballs changed shape." 

"It's true," laughed director Angelina Jolie, noting the actors wore special lenses to make their eyes look bloodshot. "They fit when he was starting to lose weight and then by the time we got to the end of the raft section, they wouldn't go into his eyes. I think it was the dehydration." 

Strange fact; but yes looks like your cornea changes shape; as you lose weight. Even your eyes go skinny. Until eye professionals come forward to address this issue; we have no other option than assuming that reducing excessive weight specially in a short span may lay adverse effect on contact lensesfit.

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