Friday, 12 December 2014

Dip Dyed Blonde Wig with Strawberry Tips: Lolita Wig S

Dip Dyed hair has been the hottest hair trend of 2014. After Ombre hair trends; dip dyed hair really helped women making a statement. This Lolita Wig S is super luxurious as it is thick, flouncy, straight & super smooth with a length that every one would effortlessly handle. Lolita Wig S has a beautiful and striking contrast of blonde & strawberry dip. The roots are kept blonde to give you a natural look; whereas the tips are dyed strawberry red to add glamour & help you being conspicuous. 

Lolita Wig S is equipped with a wig cap sufficient to get hold all of your hair. It fits and sits perfectly over your head; ensuring that the wig does not fall off when you walk or when the weather turns unexpectedly rash. 

The following excerpt is from this review

"I love how natural the wig looks, you wouldn't say it's a wig! it's not shiny, and the colors are not intense.As you can see, it's a bit curly at the edges.This is one of my favorite wigs! I wore it plenty of times already, even outside!The warm red at the edges makes it look fancy, it's so pretty!Never though I'd love it so much, since I wasn't a fan of blonde wigs!"

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