Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Follow Ulzzang Fashion Trends: Skin79 BB Cream & Grey Circle Lenses

Ulzzangs do their best to stay natural for which they eat healthy and employ Korean skin care products to help them glow from within. They also have huge eyes yet very natural looking- to achieve which they wear grey/brown circle lenses. Combination of Skin79 BB cream along with Puffy 3 tones grey circle lenses give you more or same the pro-ulzzang looks.

Skin79 Orange BB cream does great job when it is about covering the redness of your cheeks and minor imperfections. The SPF50++ makes it an ultimate fetch as it keeps harmful UV rays away from your skin. It lives upto the expectations and effectively lightens the skin tone. 

"This is the best bb cream I’ve tried so far.  It really whitens and cover up blemishes.  Down fall is that the color is REALLY light.  It might be a problem for some people with a darker skin color. "


Barbie Puffy 3 Tones grey circle lenses are perfect for ulzzang looks. The design is very simple and the yellow around the pupil helps these circle lenses blend naturally with your eye color. The enlargement is very subtle and fascinating also. 

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