Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Forest Model Makeup Look with Kawayii Super Big Eyes A- Max Blue Circle Lenses

Kawayii Super Big Eyes A-Max blue circle lenses are known for the huge diameter. Since they are 20mm circle lenses; they emphasize on providing you amplified & sexylicious eyes which otherwise is not possible. Kawayii Super Big Eyes A- Max blue circle lenses share the pattern with Geo Super Angel series. They are same vivid, same glorious & make your eyes sparkle the same way. The only difference is the diameter that let you successfully create the illusion of bigger, bolder & brighter eyes. 

These circle lenses are pretty opaque so they do cover your eye color to some extent. The outer thick & solid black ring furthermore enhances the bigger iris that look very fabulous if you are heading for a photo-shoot. Bigger circle lenses and solid outer rings go hand in hand when you are aiming to achieve innocent Kawayii looks. The pupil whole is somewhat bigger and is therefore perfect if you want to show your natural eye color off popping beneath from the circle lenses. 

Read more about these Kawaii Max A blue circle lenses or follow the tutorial below if you are feeling inspired.

  1. First of all insert Kawayii Super Big Eyes A Max blue circle lenses. Inserting circle lenses should always be the first step.
  2. After preparing your face with your regular moisturiser, primer & foundation; do your eye brows. Do not make your eye brows appear thin. For this look you want strong and bold eye brows.
  3. Prime your eyes. Apply concealer & create a sharp angular crease at the outer corner of eyes with a blue eye shadow using a business card. Extend the inner corner of your eyes using the same eye shadow.
  4. Now its time to add weird foresty effect to your eyes. Create a strong bold line over your lids using a purple eye liner & wear Stella paper eye lashes. You can also use purple face & body paint instead of eye liner.
  5. Apply concealer to your lips. Now apply purple gel gloss at your lips and apply thick layers so that the natural color is masked by the gloss. Or alternatively use the same body & face color you previously used as an eye liner.
  6. Using Cameleon face & body paint in pure white; make white sold dots at your lips
  7. Contour your face ( optional) & you are done!

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