Sunday, 21 December 2014

3 Lessons 2014 Taught about Circle Lenses

2014 has been a great year regarding circle lenses. We noticed new innovations, advanced technologies & contact lens cases that ensure thorough cleansing & disinfection. Though, 2014 has been a boon for circle lenses, we observed how consumers risked their vision by neglecting to take care of their eyes & circle lenses. All contact lens wearers should stay meticulous and must learn from the lessons we got from 2014.

  • Say NO to Over-Wearing & Sharing of Contact Lenses

Circle lenses & contact lenses must not be worn beyond their expiry date. Always follow the replacement schedule strictly. Sharing your circle lenses and over wearing them increases the chances of bacteria accumulation that may lead to conjunctivitis, corneal fungus & abrasions. In severe complications, vision loss is also a horrendous aftermath of ignoring the expiry date of circle lenses.

  • Pragmatic Approach to Contact Lens Cleansing Enables Easy Management in Allergy Seasons

We observed in 2014, that pragmatic approach to contact lens cleansing makes it easier to manage allergies. It becomes necessary to thoroughly disinfect your circle lenses before and after wearing them as Pollen and air pollutants stick to the surface of circle lenses when the pro-allergy seasons turn nasty. Disinfecting your circle lenses, this way in 2015; will keep your eyes healthy throughout the year-yes even when the irritants are floating most in the air.

  • Treating Discomfort Induced by Circle Lenses using Special Spray

Australian researches discovered in 2014 that why some people find it uncomfortable to wear contact lenses. According to them “lipid degeneration” turns their eyes dry which as a result makes it painful for eyes to develop acquaintance with circle lenses.

Using FDA approved circle lenses, eye drops & cosmetics help halfway; whereas using liposomal eye spray can completely tackle the issue. Doctors also suggest wearing circle lenses specially designed for people with dry eyes if you experience the same discomfort.

Circle lenses have changed lives for good. Today, in 21st century; we cannot imagine of a life lacking the miracles of circle lenses. Movies, conventions, cosplays & celebrities all find it fun to change their appearance using circle lenses. In fact, circle lenses gave rise to emerging online stars; say Ulzaang and gyarus. Be an inspiration for others & get your FDA approved circle lenses for a new look in New Year!

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