Monday, 22 December 2014

Lady Ciel Coplay Wig - Ciel Phantomhive B

This wig is a grey based wig with royal blue & violet shades. Ciel Phantomhive cosplay wig is soft, shiny and an exact replica of character's hair. The wig has two clip on ringlet pig tails that stay securely attached. 

"I really love it! It works so well for Ciel, and it's just so comfortable. Sure, it is somewhat heavier than a normal base wig, of course, since you add the two pony tails, but they stay still and are secured properly to your base wig with the clips. I'm super pleased, as always, with UNIQSO's products and don't be afraid to check their website out. They have lots of great wigs and circle lenses!"

Read more about this wig here in the Ceil cosplay wig review 

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