Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Korean Skin Care Secret: How to Deep Cleanse for Brighter Complexion

We all secretly envy the glow Korean women wear. Though climate seems to play a significant role; much of it can be achieved through following the same skin care regime that they follow. Korean skin care emphasizes on a sheer glow that only becomes possible when your skin is well-hydrated, moisturized & nourished. Korean skin care is aggressive & comprehensive. Sticking to Korean skin care methods & products can ensure you achieve the healthy glow but it might be time consuming so brace yourself before you begin the new venture.

Importance of Double Cleansing in Korean Skin Care Routine:

There is no concept of “mere cleansing” in Korean skin care methods. To achieve, impeccable skin texture; always cleanse your face two ways. The first step is to remove makeup residuals, dust & dirt particles by using a light oil coconut, almond or olive. If on the other hand you prefer convenience; go for Skin79 makeup wipes. These Skin79 makeup wipes are soaked in essential oils that swiftly remove makeup without harsh rubbing or causing sagging of tissues.

This superficial cleansing is then followed by deep cleansing for which a foam cleanser is required. Use Skin79 BB facial foam cleanser. It does not only act as a cleansing agent but it also exfoliates softly to remove dead skin cells and makeup residues effectively.

Korean Skin Care: How to Cleanse the Korean Way?

Cleansing is given utmost attention in Korean skin care routine. The rule of thumb is to spend the same time in cleansing your face that you spend on putting things on your face. For instance, if you take 30 minutes putting makeup on, you should consume same amount of time in taking them off.
As per Korean skin care; circular movements increases the blood circulation that brightens the complexion. Therefore always cleanse your face using gentle circular motions of your finger pads. Never go harsh or vigorous-stay gentle. The brief massage when done on daily basis, keeps the blood flowing through the right channels.

Korean skin care regime is repetitive. It rotates around the same techniques of cleansing & exfoliating on both daily & weekly basis. It is tad overwhelming but the results are worth it. 

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