Monday, 1 December 2014

2 Hot Bob Wigs & Styles

No doubt “Bob Hair Cut” has come a long way during past few decades. The beauty of this classic hair style remains forever as the cut goes through several modern & fresh touch-ups. Bob hair cut is age-less & timeless; this means anyone and everyone can wear a chic bob wig. If you want to change the way you look yet do not want to be risky; we advise you to blind-trust these Bob synthetic wigs as they are bound to compliment every facial structure wisely.

  • Creamy Tresses & Soft Bob

A short bob wig can be the best way to highlight your sharp jaw line. This Lolita Bob wig B has creamy tresses with beautiful and tempting vanilla + caramel ribbon streaks. The long bangs further add a soft touch to your facial structure- they are curled inside for an extra oomph. The blunt bangs with almost shoulder length bob significantly add a petite touch to every face type whether round, or oblong. This retro inspired soft bob can be achieved through this short Bob wig.

  • Sleek & Smooth Raven Bob

Blunt bangs that fall right over the eyes from the top of the head makes a stylish statement. Lolita bob wig A has a bob that is cut in a long angular front that swoops down elegantly over the shoulders. The angular bob with smooth & silky tresses play their role in complimenting your cheeks, chin & neck. The bob is full & swishy that rocks every face type. This edgy & sharp bob can be achieved through this angular short bob wig.

Bob wigs are easier to maintain and style. You can wear these bob wigs right out of the box and or create new styles out of them. The side heavier whips can be curled using a straightening iron for a stylish & flouncy dimension. 

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