Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Sparkling Pink Eyes: Dolly Eye Starry Eye Pink Circle Lenses

Dolly Eye Starry Eye pink lenses are bright, attention grabbing and are very sparkling circle lenses. With 14.8mm diameter they provide subtle enlargement yet ensure piercing gazes. Dolly Eye Starry Eye pink circle lenses make your eyes look glossy as they are good at reflecting light. 

As per most of the reviews these are very comfortable and are perfect for both light and dark colored eyes. They are very vibrant pink and are almost opaque to stay solid almost on every eye color. 

"They were very easy to get in and very comfortable to wear - just like always from Uniqso!
I really like those lenses, I've got already some pink lenses from Uniqso, but they are more cute - these aren't that cute! I like thaaat!"

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