Monday, 8 December 2014

Dark Violet & Magenta Synthetic Fashion Wigs

Go off the track and wear fancy wigs today. Dying your hair color in unnatural colors is a crazy fashion trend these days. However; dying may not turn out as expected that runs the risk of damaging & destroying your hair. Contrary to this; wearing synthetic wigs in your favorite colors is safe and sound as it keeps your hair prevented. Tojo Nozoimi & Kamishiro Rize are two beautiful wigs available in dark purple & beautiful magenta for your choice.

Tojo Nozoimi cosplay wig is from Love Live that is 100 cm long and is tied in two straight pig tails. This wig is elegant enough to compliment yourself daily. It tends to suit teen aged girls. However, you can also wear the wig if you want to look younger than your actual age.

On the other hand Kamishiro wig is a beautiful mix of violet & red under tones that is perfect to go with J-fashion outfits. The wig is only 65cm long so is recommended to every one who can't take care of longer wigs. The quality is amazing, it is super soft, sleek & dead straight. The blunt bangs make every face look so charming & beautiful that turn heads for you.

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