Sunday, 4 May 2014

Computer Vision Problems & Colored Contact Lenses

People who wear colored contact lenses and work for more than 8 hours daily on computers are more likely to suffer from computer vision syndrome. Science reveals that an average human being blinks once every five seconds that is 11,000 times a day. There are several factors that can alter the blinking rate where “focusing on computer screens” may be one of the most prominent reasons.

Using Eye Drops with Colored Contact Lenses

Working on computer for prolonged durations can reduce the blink rate to five times than the normal. Blinking is a natural phenomenon to help replenishing dry eyes. Wearing colored contact lenses block oxygen permeability; which therefore turn eyes drier. The good news is this that computer screens do not affect vision negatively on permanent basis other than just making you feel dryness in eyes which can be resolved using eye drops.

What else should be done to help maintaining crisp vision with Colored Contact Lenses whilst working on computer screens?

Several steps can be taken to prevent computer vision syndrome or dry eyes syndrome when you are supposed to work at computer while wearing colored contact lenses:

  • Reduce the Glare
  • Blink frequently
  • Moisten your eyes at regular intervals
  • Squint less
  • Wear prescription colored contact lenses to reduce squinting
  • Keep your body and eyes hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Take a 20 to 30 sec break after every 30 minutes. Keep your eyes moving to relax your eye muscles
Some material of colored contact lenses is better at retaining moisture such as colored contact lenses that are made from hydrogel material; whereas lubricating your eyes helps alleviating the problem even more. It is necessary to avoid over-wearing colored contact lenses and is recommended to observe strict caution when computer usage occupies the major portion of your day.

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