Monday, 8 December 2014

Natural Looking 3 Tones Blue Lenses for Brown Eyes: I.Fairy Cara Blue

I.Fairy Cara blue circle lenses incorporate 3 beautiful natural blue tones. These circle lenses are partially opaque that make it possible to conceal the dark brown eyes beneath the lenses. Yet, they look natural and subtle on your eyes. I.Fairy Cara blue circle lenses a.k.a Lollipop series ensure huge dolly enlargement of 16.2 mm yet provide a comfortable experience. 

The 55% water content in these blue circle lenses keep your eyes moist & hydrated till good 6 hours. The neat splashy pattern blends nicely with your original eye colors & make one of the best blue contact lenses for brown eyes. They are very vibrant & good for adding a glamorous pop to your eyes. 

"The color is really great and bright, you can see how it pops up a lot over my brown eyes but I'm sure they'll be amazing on light eyes too! The design is really special 'cause you can find some yellow parts between the blue, it gives a lovely touch to these lenses, they're really good for a dolly look! The diameter is big but the lenses are really comfortable, I wore them for half of a day without problems", opines Vanilla Syndrome in her I.Fairy Cara blue lenses review

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