Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Are Contact Lenses Painful for You? Switch to Disposable Contact Lenses

Fortunately, we are now living in an era where we have various alternatives to correct our vision that are not only cost-effective but are also convenient. If glasses are not your type, you can always switch to contact lenses and with in contact lenses there are several types available; designed to meet your very individual needs. Disposable contact lenses are often considered the safest &most convenient option for vision correction. They are made from same material; conventional lenses are made from but they require almost no care & carry little to no risks.

Some people find it difficult to wear circle lenses. Whilst the reasons may be several, it has been observed that switching to disposable circle lenses improves contact lens tolerance if even after; sticking to meticulous “disinfection” has not brought any significant changes regarding better tolerance.

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  1. You should give disposable contact lenses a try if:
  2. You have sensitive eyes
  3. You are allergic to contact lens disinfecting solutions
  4. Your eyes produce more lipids & proteins that facilitate the quick build-up over contact lenses. The build-up is difficult to be removed unless cleansed effectively.
  5. You are a teen-ager or someone who is yet in the phase of developing acquaintance with contact lenses.
  6. You simply are lazy enough to religiously take your lenses out every night for thorough cleansing.

The purpose of disposable contact lenses is to provide clean, deposit-free & sterile lenses in a saline based solution to ensure a comfortable, convenient & risk free experience. Disposable lenses might be a bit expensive but they are worth every penny you invest in. Wear & discard them as per the directions on the packaging to enjoy a tension-free mode of vision-correction. 

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