Sunday, 7 December 2014

Effectively Reduce your Pores using Beaute69 Pore Minimising Mask

Having enlarged pores is a soul reason of one's low confidence & dull personality. Give your skin a boost of energy and revitalize it using Beaute69 Pore Minimizing Bamboo Charcoal mask. It contains natural ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin tissues to treat the root cause of the enlarged pores. Beaute69 Pore Minimizing face mask reduces the pore size & effectively controls sebum production.

Beaute69 Pore Minimizing face mask is greenish in color & provides icy tingling sensation when applied. "The recommendation is to use the mask at least twice a week, but without overdoing it, do not use daily. The effect of it is maximized over time, the more you use the more your pores will decrease and the difference is noticeable from the first application, we recommend using Particularly hours before wearing makeup when you go to an event the night use masks in the afternoon or at least half an hour before applying makeup to give time to effect and removing it."

More details about Beaute69 face mask can be read here

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