Thursday, 4 December 2014

Get Popular Eyes with I.Fairy Sakura Pink & Skin79 Kick it Side Monster Eyeliner

Big bold eyes are considered beautiful everywhere irrespective of cultural & social differences. In Asia, eyes that are bold and glamorous get all praise & attention. To achieve similar dolly looks employ I.Fairy Sakura pink circle lenses & line your eyelids with Skin79 Kick it Side Monster eyeliner.

I.Fairy Sakura Pink doll up your eyes. They are very brilliant & bright and are known for ading a touch of fancy & spelndor. They shine from a far and adorn your eyes with a whimsical pop. They make your eyes look alluring & bring energy & passion to your soul. 

I.Fairy Sakura pink has beautiful yet very simple design. The pupil hole is certainly big that let these subtle pink lenses blend well with your natural eye color. "tbh most of my friends when they first saw me wearing them, thought it was brown… It might be because of my natural eye color of dark brown. The pink just easily blends into my natural eyes, making the color not very noticeable until in the sunlight or bright lighting. The pink really blends in and I would really recommend these lenses to people who want a good pair of simple design, eye enlarging, and subtle lenses. I just think that they aren’t very noticeable as you can see from my selcas above.

These circle lenses are great for enlarging. The black rim is really bold and create striking contrasts. Compliment the outer black rim of these pink lenses by lining your eyes tightly with Skin79 Kick it Side Monster eyeliner. It has a precision tip that enable you to go thick or thin with it. It is water proof,smudge proof and is very intense jet black. Continue reading more about the combination of I.Fairy Sakura pink & Skin79 Monter eyeliner

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