Sunday, 21 December 2014

Kaname Madoka Cosplay with Beuberry Cherry Pink Circle Lenses & Kaname Cosplay Wig

Beuberry Cherry pink circle lenses are beautiful, vibrant & opaque. Unlike other pink circle lenses they don't turn out to look like a shade of warm brown but look excitingly pink. They are definitely one of the strongly pigmented pink circle lenses that stay bright pink even against light colored eyes.

Beuberry Cherry pink are perfect for Kaname Madoka cosplay. To complete the look; pair the circle lenses up with the Kaname cosplay wig. The wig is also the exact replica of the character. It is not shiny; kind of voluminous with thick pig tails that can be styled accordingly. The wig has long bangs that need styling; so yes it is a plus that you can adjust it as per your face shape.

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