Sunday, 7 December 2014

3 Things to Remember when Studying Wearing Circle Lenses

Circle lenses are safe to wear, provided they are FDA approved & medically certified. Yet, there are some considerations that should be paid attention to when wearing circle lenses. When studying whilst having circle contact lenses in eyes; take care of them to prevent yourself from eye strain & irritation by 3 following ways.

  • Avoid Dim Lighting

Reading in dim light already causes the strain in eyes and reading in dim light when you are wearing circle lenses contribute to aggravate the irritation & strain. Avoid being in dim light, as the pupil dilation may also interfere with circle lenses in maintaining clear vision.

  • Relax your Eyes

If you are reading/ working at computers, then stay preventive. Avoid prolong exposure and follow 20 minutes thumb rule. After every 20 minutes, look away from LCD for 20 minutes and rotate your eyes in all directions possible very slowly. Keep your screens at an appropriate distance. Once again, make sure your environment is well lit where you are working at computer screen with circle lenses in eyes.
  • Never Rub your Eyes

Circle lenses may still trigger irritation for some, especially if your eyes are dry & sensitive. In such cases, ALWAYS AVOID rubbing your eyes. You don’t need to panic since branded circle lenses unless torn or faulty would never harm your eyes. Remove your circle lenses after cleaning your hands and disinfect them. Re-wet your eyes using lubricating drops & see if you can put your circle lenses back on.

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