Thursday, 4 December 2014

Natural Looking Circle Lenses for Beginners: Geo Nudy Brown Contact Lenses

Geo Nudy Brown circle lenses

These circle lenses are perfect for beginners who fear to experiment with circle lenses. They are the safer option as the enlargement is just so very natural. The color of Geo Nudy Brown circle lenses is almost translucent and blend-able. They fade naturally with your eyes and almost look too plain to be noticed.

Geo Nudy brown circle lenses make your eyes sparkle, yet keep your eyes stay subtle for sophisticated gazes. "I had no problems with these lenses at all^^ They felt really comfortable to wear all day. So I give theses lenses 5/5 yay. There was no dryness, itchiness, or redness in my eyes at all. To those who are starting to wear lenses for the first time, these are great for starters! ". For the reasons mentioned in this Geo Nudy Brown review, beginners would definitely want to start their circle lens journey with this pair. 

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  1. these look great on you. I was a bit skeptical about these but now im sure that I might like these