Friday, 5 December 2014

Uta Inspired Makeup Look using Phantasee Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Lenses

Tokyo Ghoul cosplay lenses are full eye sclera lenses that cover entire eye. Since they are sclera lenses; meant purely for Halloween or cosplay purposes; it would have been lame if they were not 100% opaque. Tokyo Ghoul Gremlin sclera lenses feature simple pattern of red inner solid ring followed by a darker black outer ring. These sclera lenses are transparent from at the center to let you see through. Unfortunately, they are currently available only in plano.

Tokyo Ghoul cosplay sclera lenses might show some of your natural color if you have light colored eyes; but this is done to let you see through even when your pupil dilates as you switch light conditions. 

"As these lenses are a HUGE 22mm they cover my whole eye! So there is an obvious enlargement
The lenses don't really blend at all with my natural shade so the an look abit odd when my natural colour is showing, but apart from that i'm very happy with the effect they give!"; continue reading Phantasee Gremlin Tokyo Ghoul Review

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