Sunday, 21 December 2014

Pair up I.Fairy Tofi Gold with Glasses for a Nerdy Look

Do you like wearing glasses for fashion purposes along with circle lenses? Do you find yourself in a dilemma when making a choice between the both? If you answer yes; have no worries. We have  a solution to this. Get your circle lenses in prescription whereas wear your glasses with out prescription. This way you can keep your style intact. I.Fairy Tofi gold circle lenses make a great combination with spectacles having a black frame. The outer black rim compliments the black frame whereas the gold stays vibrant to cast an energetic impact.

I.Fairy Tofi gold circle lenses are very vibrant. The gold appear absolutely well and has kind of screaming effect over light eyes. The pattern is really beautiful & appears like flowers of autumn in your eyes. These circle lenses have a commendable enlarging effect. They are perfect for cosplays and other performances where you need to have statement eye color.

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