Sunday, 7 December 2014

Grey Circle Lenses for Extreme Dark Colored Eyes: Lens Story Tofi Grey

Lens Story Tofi grey circle lenses are known for their opacity. They are so solid dark grey circle lenses that they stand vibrantly against the nearly black eyes. Lens Story Tofi grey circle lenses are versatile when it comes to makeup. They are natural looking ulzaang circle lenses yet they can be glorified by the subtle use of eye makeup.

Lens Story Tofi grey circle lenses are 16.5 mm diameter so expect a huge enlargement effect. Since the color is nothing irrational or overwhelming, these make the best pair of circle lenses to wear at school. 

"My eyes are a little sensitive and they're rather small, so the 16dms grew uncomfortable after I wore them for too long 😔 However, these are 16.5dms and OMFG they're absolutely amazing!! 😍😍 I'm in love with how large and dolly they make my eyes look and the comfort is definitely a lot better! I couldn't wear them for as long as my 15dms, but I wore them throughout school and they were a lot more bearable! No eye drops needed either!" 

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