Thursday, 11 December 2014

Kohl Rimmed Brown Eyes: I.Fairy Hera Brown

Pop up your eyes with beautiful brown circle lenses. I.Fairy Hera brown circle lenses have dolly enlargement. They boast pretty intricate pattern with a unique cut-edge limbal ring. They are so natural looking that they blend nicely with your eyes and often go unnoticed except the huge enlargement they ensure. 

I.Fairy Hera brown circle lenses are true depiction of Ulzaang fashion & trends. They are very natural looking and are perfect for daily wear. They do look outstanding yet very naturally fabulous. 

I.Fairy Hera brown

"They are perfect for use in everyday life, in my opinion, because the color is amazing and natural at the same time. The details, if you have dark eyes like mine, will only appear in the light, so do not draw attention by color, but if we are considering the size ... then yes, maybe. :>" 

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