Sunday, 7 December 2014

Harajuku Zipper Makeup Tutorial using Geo Berry Holic Sapphire Lenses

Geo Berry Holic Sapphire

These circle lenses are natural looking, subtle & are great for adding a cheerful glow to your eyes. Rather than focusing on enlargement, Geo Berry Holic Sapphire circle lenses emphasize on making your eyes look naturally beautiful. They are a unique shade of green and look mesmerizing against both light and dark colored eyes.

Geo Berry Holic Sapphire leave your eyes vibrant yet nothing over-whelming. They are great for every day makeup looks as they are comfortable & subtle. They are only 14.2 mm but the 3 tones really strive hard to give your eyes that stunning pop & color that Harajuku girls wear. 

They are really colorful and lavish. With appropriate makeup that plays well with shimmers, Geo Berry Holic Sapphire lenses do a great job complimenting Harajuku fashion. Check out the video tutorial below to get yourself colorful Harajuku Zipper eyes. 

"As I have mentioned above, this lens' main purpose is more likely to give colors to your eyes rather than make them appear bigger. The rim itself is really thin and hardly noticeable so it doesn't give that huge enlargement in eye size, which circle lens is mostly known for. But I like the way how it looks really natural and yet make my eyes pop, so I am satisfied with its size", Says Jessie while writing about Geo Berry Holic Saphire circle lenses at her website.

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