Thursday, 11 December 2014

Suzuya Juuzou Cosplay with Suzuya Wig & Lenses

To cosplay Suzuya Juuzou you need to replicate his eyes & hair that are bright red & grey respectively. Suzuya's red incandescent bright eyes can be achieved through wearing Barbie Love red circle lenses; whereas Suzuya cosplay wig is the perfect imitation of the character's hair. 

Barbie Love red circle lenses have a unique yet perfect pattern that boast hearts arranged in a ring along the limbal ring. These circle lenses are darker in color that are expected to stand more vibrantly on dark eyes than on light colored ones. The hearts do stand out but they won't really call for attention from a far. 

Suzuya wig is a shoulder length 40 cm wig that is a grey-white wig. It has bottom outward curls with side swept bangs- just like the character. The wig is smooth & soft & does not require any special care or maintenance. 

"After styling the wig and cutting it to my liking, It looked a lot like the character’s hair, I was going for (Suzuya Juuzou), though it was a little grey-er than I was expecting. But nothing too big. The contacts were pretty and very effective on making the eyes bigger, though they were a bit darker than I was expecting! The lashes looked amazing though I forgot to take pics with them on >.<", says Ichigochi in her entry about Suzuya Juuzou cosplay transformation 

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