Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Compliment your Circle Lenses with a Wig for Style Statement: I.Fairy Cara Brown with Toffee Brown Wig

Asuna Cosplay Wig Wig & I.Fairy Cara Brown Lenses

I.Fairy Cara brown circle lenses look like sparkling jewels in your eyes because of the beautiful amalgamation of lighter & darker tones. The splashy pattern is very unique that leaves a sweet impression whereas the color of the Cara brown circle lenses itself is very warm that tend to suit both light & dark eyes. 

I.Fairy Cara brown circle lenses soften your facial frame and add a subtle charm to your eyes. The 16.2 mm diameter along with 55% water content make sure that they remain comfortable in your eyes whilst providing dolly eye enlargement. 

To compliment these brown circle lenses, accessorize yourself with Asuna cosplay wig. It is long, straight and comes with twin braids tied at the center of the head-back. The toffee color of wig goes well with I.Fairy Cara brown circle lenses whereas the straight bangs and front flicks add princess touch to your personality. 

The wig is very thick, soft to touch & light weight. " Long length wigs tend to have less hair, I don't know why. However this one has a lot of hair, thick but silky as well. When you put it on, your wig cap won't show up and you will end up getting a natural look. ", as Anzu writes in her Asuna cosplay wig & I. Fairy Cara brown review

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