Saturday, 18 January 2014

Skin79 BB Cream- Beauty Secret of Korean Stars

Skin79 BB Cream

Korean celebrities are known for their impeccable skin that always shines with a rosy glow and pink tinge on cheeks. The almost no-makeup matte finish look is breathtaking and highly desirous. Now; you can achieve the same natural look with all in one Korean makeup product that is known as Skin79 BB Cream.

Although climate of Korea may be an important factor which cannot be neglected when considering the beauty of Korean women; one must not forget that Korea is a step further than Europe when it comes to skin care &beauty. It has been noticed that European beauty experts focus on peeling the skin by several facial skin cleansing methods such as chemical peels, exfoliations, scrubs etc. On the other hand Korean experts emphasizes on nurturing the very basic skin layers from inside than on peeling them. 

Skin79 BB creams follow the same skin care guidelines. The line of Skin79 BB cream includes BB cream for dry, blemish prone sensitive skin and for oily skin. Skin79 BB creams do not only act as a makeup base/ foundation but also provide nourishment to skin by its triple action formula. Skin79 BB cream is one of the best anti-ageing Korean beauty products. Its healthy ingredients ensure soft glowing skin with SPF qualities which block melanin formation.

Skin79 BB creams also help minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores and provide medium to fair coverage. Use it as a tinted moisturizer and sunblock to help effectively reduce the wrinkle formation. For your convenience Skin79 BB creams are available in 5g sample and 15g travel sizes.

Achieving skin like Korean celebrities is no more a riddle. Find out your skin mate with Skin79 BB Creams and enjoy the transformation!

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