Thursday, 7 April 2016

What is Uniform Cloth and Why the Costumes made with Uniform Cloth are Better?

Uniform cloth is a blend of polyester. It is comfortable & durable than other fabrics used in manufacturing cosplay costumes. Usually, if you are a commissioner or prefer to stitch costumes yourself, you may have an overwhelming exposure to the variety of fabrics & grains. Cosplayers find it appalling to choose between the various types of the fabrics. Cosplay stores on the other hand prefer 100% uniform cloth as it is resilient, wrinkle-free & dries quickly.

Benefits of Uniform Cloth
Cosplay costumes should be comfortable & soft. If you feel warm/cold or tight & rough in your costume; your appearance at conventions, medieval, renaissances and Halloween parties will lose the charm. Nothing exciting can be expected from the photo-session either, in case you have employed cheap or wrong type of fabric for your cosplay costume.

Uniform Cloth Cosplay Costumes Don’t Shine Ridiculously
You must choose your cosplay store after thoughtful decision. Cheap cosplay stores that mass produce focus on making profits than serving the customers genuinely. They use low quality satin or silk that frays, bunch up at seams & shine ridiculously under certain lighting. Uniform cloth cosplay costumes on the other hand stay all the same no matter whatever the light source is. It is appealingly soft, durable & comfortable to wear during all seasons.

Uniform fabric is known for holding the colors & form. It stretches with the body and gracefully resume the original shape. It is wrinkle-free, thus always look crisp, sharp & freshly ironed.

Cosplay costumes manufactured with uniform cloth are durable. They can stand up to several washes without fading the colors and losing the quality of the fabric. They also dry quickly & stain less so ensure desirable savings!

Choker- complimentary costume pieces.

Sewing your costume can be stressful, so why waste time and energy when you can buy good quality cosplay costume online? Our cosplay costumes are made with 100% uniform cloth & come with all the required complimentary pieces such as belts, bowknots, bells, barrettes etc almost in the same prices otherwise. 

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