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Is it Safe to Wear Circle Lenses Every Day?

Is it Safe to Wear Circle Lenses Every Day?

Yes; it is safe to wear circle lenses every day provided you are taking complete care of your lenses and are paying attention towards the hygiene of your eyes and contacts. It is recommended to avoid over-wearing of contact lenses in order to keep your eyes prevented from harms. Since prevention is better than cure it is always advisable to follow what experts say about big eye lenses.

Circle contact lenses can be worn every day. However care should be taken that the total wearing duration should not exceed more than 6-8 hours each day. If you are a beginner; you must not wear lenses for more than 2-4 hours first day. Gradually increase the duration of wearing circle lenses as your eyes get used to wearing circle contact lenses.

Factors to Consider for Safe Wear of Circle Lenses

Is it Safe to Wear Circle Lenses Every Day?

Following factors play an important role in determining whether or not it is safe to wear big eye lenses on daily basis.

  • The supplier of circle lenses: If your big eye lenses are being supplied by an unauthorized dealer/agent your eyes are at risk. Always buy your circle contact lenses from authentic stores or local shops. Do take note of their experience and the brands they are working with. Check all the labels. If you cannot understand the instructions printed on the label; do not hurt your eyes wearing them. Also avoid buying circle lenses from Chinese manufacturers.
  • Opaque Circle Lenses: Opaque circle lenses or circle lenses with bigger diameters (those above 16mm) cover your eyes and mask your original eye color which does not let your eyes breathe properly. Therefore; it is recommended to not to wear such lenses for longer durations of time every day.
  • Your Work Routine: If you spend most of your time working on a computer or on multi-media; you should always keep the fact in mind that waves from such electronic devices may hurt your eyes whilst you are wearing circle lenses. Being exposed to heavy flood-lights may also cause a feeling of discomfort with circle lenses. Therefore; if you are a model or someone needed to stay in bright lights must adjust the duration of wearing circle lenses as per your work routine.
  • Personal Requirements/Sensitivities: People with dry-eyes syndrome or people who have sensitive eyes might react awkwardly to wearing circle lenses every day. If you are not fully satisfied with how your eyes feel and react while wearing circle lenses; it is better to avoid putting them in on regular basis. You have to work out yourself to prepare a healthy regimen for your eyes.
There should always be an interval observed in wearing circle lenses. Eyes need to breathe which is not fully possible when you have your contacts on. Always remove them before going to bed; even avoid taking nap with circle lenses. As a rule of thumb you can wear circle lenses daily for maximum 6 hours only. 

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