Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Limbal Ring Enhancing Circle Lenses Vow to make you Look Younger & Adorable

Importance of Circle Lenses with Limbal Rings & the Role they play in making you Look Younger

Iconic National Geographic Poster: Reason of fame-Startling Limbal Ring

The dark & bold ring of the iris symbolizes health, energy & youth. According to medical science; the size of limbal ring reduces as you grow. It is more prominent in infants and fades as you grow older. Circle lenses though are prosthetic medical devices; they also add freshness to your personality by making your eyes appear bigger & magnetic. Circle lenses come in various designs & colors. They also vary in the thickness of limbal rings that cater to add to one’s vitality & youth.

Circle Lenses: Dark & Bold Rings vs. Soft Rings

I.Fairy Kirei Brown: Dark Limbal Ring

To look half of your age, opt for circle lenses with over-emphasized limbal rings. Solid limbal rings make your eyes stand out as they are practically noticeable & are responsible to make you look striking. They make your eyes dolly by adding the illusion of bigger iris. These limbal rings along with the dramatic patterns help making an edgy statement that is unique to demonstrate your own fashion style.

Recommendation: Geolica Holicat Series

On the other hand; if looking natural without any added glamour is what you anticipate, wear enhancement tone circle lenses. Circle lenses closer to your natural eye color with a soft limbal ring seems to make the huge world of a difference.

I.Fairy Lucius Grey: Soft Limbal Ring
Recommendation: I-COdi series

“Research supports that people with more defined limbal rings are perceived as more attractive than those without limbal rings, as long as they appear natural," said Dr. Darren Peshek, director of The Odyssey Network Vision Science Research Lab. “Evidence suggests that the limbal ring is a signal of health and youth ... thickness is, on average, greatest at birth and decreases gradually with age."

It has been observed that in less than 20 milliseconds people judge each other on the basis of how thicker their limbal rings are and this all happens in your brain unconsciously. Limbal rings when thick, dark & prominent add up huge to one’s beauty. They certainly add a whimsical pop to your eyes that is irresistible. The limbal rings can be faked through circle lenses. This depends on your own style whether you would want to prefer circle lenses with a striking limbal ring or a ring that swiftly lifts you up for a sudden confidence boost!

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