Thursday, 8 January 2015

Esdeath Cosplay Wig :Light Blue & Long

Esdeath has long silky blue hair that are in baby hue. To cosplay her; ofcourse you need a wig that boasts the same light baby blue color. Esdeath cosplay wig is 100 cm long that is very soft & silky straight. The wig incorporates 100% heat-resistant fiber & can be easily straighten or curled. However, for the Esdeath cosplay; you literally don't need to touch your wig up. Simply wear it right out of the box- except the bangs. You would want to style the bangs before you head out for the cosplay photo shoot.

Esdeath cosplay wig looks beautiful in both sunlight & indoor light. It does not shine freakishly weird way. See some Esdeath cosplay photos in the Esdeath wig review 

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