Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Staining Wigs: Can I use Hair-Chalks to Stain My Synthetic Wigs?


Dying your hair crazy colors is highly main-stream these days. Nonetheless, it includes the risk of damaging your hair and mental agonies if the dyes don’t turn out the way what you were expecting them to be. Under these reservations, you might want to experiment with your synthetic wigs for a temporary but chic hairstyle.

Synthetic wigs made from 100% heat-resistant fiber can be safely dyed, so there should be genuinely no concerns about staining wigs using mere hair-chalks. Yes, hair-chalks are the best medium to go all punk & care-free with all the fun colors & splashes. To stain your synthetic wigs using hair-chalks; all you need to do is to either wet your wig or your chalk. Now go along rubbing the chalk in only “one direction” at your wig strands. It should only be rubbed in one direction to prevent any cowlicks that spoils the hard-work at the end.

After staining your synthetic wig using a hair-chalk, dry your wig using a straightening iron to seal-in the color for good 2-4 hours. The staining done via chalking is not permanent therefore; it starts fading off after few hours. (Usually the fading does not stain the cloths, depend on the quality of your chalk). With heat-repellent synthetic wigs, you can create new styles or stain them several ways without even harming the fibers. Go for a dip-dyed effect or only highlight the lower ends for a rainbow-frenzy hair style.

Heat-defying synthetic wigs give you more room and liberty to play around with colors & choosing between several styling media. Furthermore, you can pull off any crazy look by sporting synthetic wigs without having your own hair dyed and going through the agitation of maintaining the look.

If you are excited to hear this; try wearing a new look using these frizz & droop free synthetic wigs available at a fraction of cost than you would get anywhere else.

P.S: On light colored synthetic wigs, staining lasts few shampoos; otherwise just one shampoo is enough to completely get rid of the temporary staining achieved by hair-chalks. 

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