Wednesday, 28 January 2015

J Pop Fashion: EOS Fay Pink Circle Lenses


Since the color is really pigmented EOS Fay pink look absolutely stunning against both and light colored eyes. They stay true pink against dark brown eyes and cover the pupil dramatically. EOS Fay pink circle lenses feature an outstanding outer rim that creates fabulous contrast with the pink hue. 

These lenses are perfect for cosplays and fit Jfashion. With EOS Fay pink you can create dolly eyes or gyaru eyes. They have a very soft & lively rose pink color that look alluring against every skin tone. 

"Pink circle lenses usually look reddish or purple. These look like a very very soft pink but it was still vibrant in such natural way! I haven't liked pink lenses since EOS Candy Pink. EOS brand does not disappoint! "; says momochime in her EOS Fay pink review

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