Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Geo Xtra Grey with Light Gold Wig

Geo Xtra WTB95 grey circle lenses have a unique spider-web pattern. Since the color is very light they look natural against light colored eyes. GEO Xtra grey circle lenses have  a bigger pupil hole and often such lenses look enticing against light colored eyes as they have tendency to fade with your natural eye color beautifully with out looking fake. The 15mm diameter creates illusion of bigger eyes. 

These circle lenses help drawing attention towards eyes when paired up with light gold Kotobuki cosplay wig. This wig is 80 cm long & features teased wavy tresses. The bangs come with out styling; hence you will need to style them as per your own taste. 

" It is gorgeous and really thick. It's not shiny at all and it looks really natural. This is my only natural looking wig and I'm super happy with it ! *^* (The only thing I'm not sure If I like yet is actually the curls. They're just inbetween no curls and alot of curls. But that's my personal taste in wigs that makes me kind of doubt it sometimes, haha."

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