Saturday, 3 January 2015

Get Cozy & Snuggle this Winter with Adorable Multi-Purpose Kigurumi Costumes

Kigurumi is all the rage in Japan. These cute, adorable & snuggly novelty pajamas are especially famous among the children since they literally mean “to wear a stuffed toy”. Kigurumi represent professional performers who wear these costumes to highlight an idea or a brand at a promotion. However, the craze has lead the trend enter your home. Now they have become the baggy yet fun way to welcome your lazy Sundays or hot nights.

Kigurumi onesies are made from super soft fleece that keeps you warm in chilly winter evenings. They are one-piece outfits fastened just by buttons to maximize the comfort. Kigurumis are loose; kind of one size fits all.

Why Wear Kigurumi?

  • These are light weight adult jumpsuits that facilitate mobility whilst keeping comfort a first priority. They are warm & snuggly & are recommended for winters
  • Today, they are perfect to turn your lazy Sundays into fun days as Kigurumi onesies can hide your boring clothing underneath.
  • Kigurumi makes a perfect outfit for a date out with your better half. They are too kawayii to resist. Get into adorable animal kigurumi for a sweet, unforgettable & cuddly sensation.
  • Kigurumi onesies have replaced the regular sleeping pajamas. The soft texture & feel of this Japanese sleepwear ensure safe & sound beauty sleep.

Kigurumi onesie is basically a complete package. Say, it is a three in one outfit- a hoodie, a jacket & PJs. Considering this, Kigurumi is pocket friendly yet it helps you maintain your style by getting adorably cute & hug-able.

What is your style for Kigurumi? Panda, Giraffe or a Mo Mo Cow?

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