Thursday, 29 January 2015

Geolica Eyevelyn Circle Lenses with UV Protection

Did you know that long exposure to sun can be more damaging to your eyes than skin? We never forget to slather heavy layers of sunblock before going out but only few geniuses will actually pay attention towards eyes. If you are vigorously involved in outdoor activities; you must take eye care seriously. Wear protective eye wear such as UV Protection contact lenses to keep your vision sharp & eyes healthy round the year.

What Geolica Eyevelyn Contact Lenses can do for UV Protection?

UV Blocker Contact Lenses
Geolica Eyevelyn contact lenses offer higher oxygen permeability, moisture retention, advanced resistance of bacteria adhesion & interception of harmful UV rays. Since they are made from bio-compatible silicone hydrogel material; they keep eyes comfortable whilst ensuring maximum protection from harmful sun rays.

Protection from sun rays is crucial more in winter than summer. Snow reflects 80% of the sun rays whilst beach reflects 15%. Staying at beach to tan your body or a visit to steeper slopes for skiing pose threats to eyes. Science says that unprotected exposure to sunlight for longer duration increases the risks of “photokeratitis” in later years of life. Constant exposure to sun may damage your vision, produce itching sensation/burning & redness.

Sportsmen more Prone to UV Radiation Damage

Sportsmen should concentrate more on prevention against UV rays. If you spend more than half of your day in skiing, hiking, riding, marathons etc then take strong preventive measures. Wearing contact lenses with UV blockers intercept great deal of harmful rays and block them before they reach your eyes to damage the retina.

If you can’t minimize your sun exposure, wearing UV protection contact lenses by Geo Medical is certainly a great favor to your eyes!


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