Thursday, 1 January 2015

5 Best Korean Skin Care Products to Effectively Hide a Hangover

Drunken eyes, puffy eyelids and scaly facial texture sneak about your New Year’s hangovers from which most of are still suffering. To effectively hide hangovers; fake a fresh youthful glow & brightness using these 5 Korean Skin Care products.

Excessive drinking dehydrates your body and skin both. To dilute the effect of alcoholic beverages drink plenty of water and get into a shower. Do your hair, wash your face & moisturize your body to avoid scratchy sensations.

Washing your face with this lightly granulated foaming facial wash ensures that your facial tissues that have gone brittle & lack lustrous due to drinking at the party get enough supply of oxygen. This foaming wash gently scrubs away the dead skin cells, removes the makeup residues from the party & brings an instant shine to your dehydrated face for an instant glow.

This mask is an immediate rescue from ugly hangovers. The mask provides moisture to the patchy & scaly skin tissues whilst it rest on your face throughout the night. After washing it off, you get supple & plump facial texture.

This sheet mask is soaked in essential oils & Korean essences notable in ensuring a smooth facial texture. Your facial tissues might have gone through an abuse during drinking and dancing sessions that can be easily brought back to its earlier state using this 10 seconds mask. It brightens & evens the tone for a neat look.

All your efforts will be wasted if your eyes look tired, droopy or are strained. The bloodshot eyes are a bold proof that you have been hung over & it is definitely not a good idea to reveal about at work. Instill these eye drops from time to time to keep your eyes moisten, fresh & sparkling.

Mask the tiredness through wearing big eye circle lenses in a color that match your eyes and compliment your skin tone. Circle lenses make your eyes look awaken & bold even when they are not really so.

Partying is fun but excessive drinking is not. Prevention is better than cure; but if you can’t avoid vodkas be ready to tackle the hangovers for work. Grab your Skin79 Products here & look all dolled up!

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