Friday, 30 January 2015

Amnesia Heroine Cosplay Wig & Circle Lenses

The young amnesiac heroine is known for her shy, clumsy & modest nature. Her slender built with captivating charm, eyes that lure & innocence grabs attention at once. Amnesia heroine is playful yet very reserved. The anime protagonist has enticing dark-blonde tresses; fashioned by a braid at her left side. Her emerald green eyes with a hint of blue add to her sweetness. Amnesia cosplay circle lenses & cosplay wig help you transform yourself into the shy anime heroine.

Amnesia cosplay wig features short-cut straight bangs that strike flawlessly just above her eyes. Amnesia cosplay wig is shoulder-length that keeps it easily manageable. The wig is free from unnatural-shine that makes it look natural. Amnesia heroine wig is beautifully adorned by a rosy bun that can be removed when desired. Amnesia heroine cosplay wig is made up of straight 100% heat-resistant synthetic fibers except the tips where the curls add lavishness to the hairstyle.

Amnesia Cosplay wig
The anime protagonist has enticing big green eyes with a hint of blue. Her glossy eyes depict her tendency towards day dreaming whereas the purity of her soul keeps her vulnerable to environmental threats. Amnesia has special affiliation towards roses; this is why she flaunts a full bloom rose at her black barrette & her shirt. She even pins her hair up and style her locks as if tied in a form of rose bun.

Whilst Amnesia heroine struggles to get back her lost memories; we encourage you to show your affiliation towards her by wearing Amnesia cosplay circle lenses & Amnesia heroine cosplay wig

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