Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Two Tones Hair: Lolita wig BL- Natural yet Sassy

Get lusciously thick & silky straight hair with this adorable Lolita wig BL. The wig is silky and the texture is very soft & smooth. Lolita wig BL incorporates black hair with wine red inner hair. Wearing two tones of hair is chic & classy. Not only does it make your hair look thick but it also accentuates your facial frame. Go punk, or be a moderate house-wife, this Lolita wig BL is sure to catch attention. 

Lolita wig BL comes with an adjustable head cap and a forehead band that keeps the wig comfortable at your scalp. Lolita wig BL has a firm grip & it prevents friction in your natural hair. This is why damage of your own hair is reduced greatly when you are wearing Lolita wig BL.

Check out real life photos of Lolita wig BL

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