Thursday, 1 January 2015

Diamond Encrusted & Gold Plated Contact Lenses: A New Trend Seeking to Go Viral

Diamond Studded Contact Lenses
You might have heard about gold plated jewelry or diamond rings & necklaces but would you fancy getting jeweled & bling eyes? India is famous in diamond jewelry as it is estimated that from every 13 diamonds 12 are cut in India. Indian ophthalmologist has introduced a new trend in ocular fashion by manufacturing a pair of diamond encrusted contact lenses that are studded onto a 180 carat gold plate on a special lens.

Dr. Chandraeskhar Chawan has got political figures & Bollywood celebrities crazy over the new eye- bling trend as he vows to make 3996 diamond encrusted contact lenses . Dr. Chawan from Shehkhar Eye Research Centre claims that these gold-plated diamond contact lenses are safe to wear as they don’t intercept oxygen permeability- they sit 9mm away from the cornea.

These contact lenses weigh 5 grams in total and boast 18 diamonds. They hold water in between to soothe the eyes and prevent diamonds from directly sitting over the cornea. According to the manufacturer; these diamond contact lenses can be customized to address visual disorders. Even though it might be a great invention for some; internet critics have declared these jeweled contact lenses a weird product that looks scary & grotesque. Also, unfortunately these contact lenses lack the ‘sparkling effect’ for which anyone would eye at these alluring circle lenses. They cost a whopping $15000 and the brand is aiming to market it outside India.

Diamond encrusted contact lenses might be a novel product but the concept is literally nothing new. Back in 2008; we saw contact lenses embedded with tiny Swarovski crystals at the limbal ring. These lenses had ensured the sparkling effect that the latest diamond cut contact lenses lack; yet the trend failed to catch public attention.

Despite all the viral trends; one must keep in mind that introducing foreign objects to your eyes is never a good idea. There might be only few celebrities who would actually be bold and courageous enough to risk their eye sight for a pair of diamond contact lenses. If you are also among the millions of other contact lens wearers who consider their eyes more important than 18 diamond studded contact lenses; we encourage you to wear diamond-printed contact lenses instead for the same alluring bling that is safe to boast!

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