Monday, 26 January 2015

Elegant Sun-Kissed Look: Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream & GEO Cessy Berry Brown

Skin79 Oriental Gold BB cream enjoys a significant position among the other variants due to its high-end packaging. This BB cream along with GEO Berry Cessy Brown circle lenses leave unforgettable impact.

Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream Lip Tint Swatch
Skin79 Oriental Gold Lip Tint- Swatch
The Gold BB cream is a unique super pigmented BB cream especially catering to people with light skin tone. It comes with a kawaii lip-tint that is also strongly pigmented. The lip tint turns into a lighter rosy pink and adapts the tone of your natural lip color as it blends in. The lip tint leaves your lips rosy, moisturized with a silky finish. 

" It gives a bit of a dewy finish.  It's creamy and blends very well.  The coverage is medium to full.  It does a good job covering my redness on the sides of my face.  I'll say the longevity is about 5-7 hours, I have combination skin by the way. "

Geo Berry Cessy Brown
On the other hand; Geo Berry Cessy brown circle lenses add warmth to your eyes. They are beautiful light brown 3 tones circle lenses that prep your face for captivating dolly eyes. They cover the dark brown eyes perfectly & help transforming your eyes into several shades lighter. They blend beautifully to create a lovely fusion.   

"3.5/5  My natural eye color is a deep brown and these lenses covers them up REALLY well!  I've always wanted a light brown eye color!  These are seriously the perfect light brown lens.  I also love the green version of this series!"

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