Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bewitching Beauty: ICK Elegant Violet & Long Ash Purple Wig

Violet lenses along with ash purple wig create a wonderful charm against pale skin tones. The enticing combination of ICK Elegant violet lenses & Shirakiin violet wig transform you into a Queen. These violet lenses are strongly pigmented and vivid. They blend in beautifully and make your eyes look super alluring. On the other hand, the long ash purple wig is super luxurious. The lenses & wig both strive to leave stunning impact. 

"The black rim doesn't look very sharp and that makes it look natural, even if it has an unusual color. 
Also, the ICK brand turned out to be really comfortable for me, so I'm very satisfied with these lenses! I haven't had any dry-ness problems with the ICK brand so far."

The wig is flouncy and thick. The straight hair strands that are 100% heat resistant add an enticing touch to this wig. The blunt bangs are the real beauty whereas the rich purple color makes this wig look so heavenly.

"Thanks to Uniqso, this item was really well packed and it had no damage at all. It arrived in a plastic bag and had a thin hair net around it so that it wouldn't get tangled on it's way. It also came styled as in the photo, so I didn't need to cut it. It was really well styled too! I can't always cut straight bangs perfectly."

Review provided by Anzujaamu for ICK Elegant Violet & Boku Secret Service wig


  1. If i want to buy a purple wig exactly like this how? How much ? And where