Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Ultimate Gyaru Lenses: Princess Mimi Sesame Grey

There are some circle lenses that serve to all the K Pop fashions equally. Princess Mimi Sesame grey circle lenses are one of them. Either be a Gyaru or opt for Ulzaang fashion, these grey circle lenses will stun you with their ultimate beauty. The intricate pattern & the fusion of lovely 3 tones make them glorious. 

Princess Mimi Sesame grey circle lenses are pretty comfortable. The design detail, the outer ring & the way they fade capture everyone's attention. They make eyes look bigger and bolder. These grey lenses remain true color as they make use of strong pigments. "The design is truly gorgeous and I would recommend these lenses to everyone though I'm sure half of us if not most of us have tried these gorgeous series!"; says review at momochime

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